Ken - Comedian & Jokester
Get Everyone In A Hilarious Mood with Ken; Comedian, Jokester & a Funny Quiz-Master.
Ken generates energy and excitement everywhere he performs.
This dynamic Jokester with unique, exceptional skills  -- Ken does it all!
Ken is an all-rounder in all social events. 
Defined as " Crazy Comic Ken of Priceless Apparell "  There is no reason why you should not simply book an evening of fun with us.
Being a comedian puts you in a better position because when you make someone laugh, it matters not, if they have problems in their lives. Comedy is the greatest tonic of them all!
On Facebook: kencomic
The Prime Minister's Road Talk Show:
It's Electrifying, Scandalous, Romantic and Hilarious, I am told.....
Lucky Hat From Princess -Thanx 
It is better to be born lucky than rich !

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